Farm I/O  

We are bringing the farm to you.
You have the farm, we have the knowledge!

┼×tefan in a purple sweater, sitting in a fancy restaurant.

┼×tefan B├«rca

┼×tefan is the System Architect and the brain behind this project. His original ideas and visionary thoughts are leading us to a great product.

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Evie Snuggle

DevOps, Automated CI/CD, Open-Source, Linux, Code Monkey.
Computer Science Student.

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James Moore-Morton

Programmer and Linux Enthusiast
Computer, Networking & Security Student.

What we do

At Farm I/O, we pride ourselves with the value we add to any businesss or entity involved in farming activity. Our prevision algorithms and sensors make sure you stay ahead of the events that might interrupt your activity in any way.

Latest technologies

Farm I/O uses the latest technologies to ensure the previsions and insights you get are acurate.


Privacy is essential when it comes to data. We ensure the data protection by using 256 Bits encryption keys and storing them in our own datacenter

Easy Settings

We understand not everyone is a tech savy. This is why our product interface is as simple as it gets, making the instalation and the setting process a piece of cake.

Cross Platform

Whether you're at home or far away, Farm I/O is a click away. Our web app together with our Mobile apps ensure you're always updated.

24/7 Support

If you have additional question about our product, our consultants are always hear to help. You can use our livechat service or the forum to get the answers you need.

Diamond Membership

As if our product is not enough, we've partnered with several tractor brands like Jhon Deere and Case-IH to bring you additional offers and discounts to our diamond members. Head over to our plans to find out more

Demo Video

The West. It's no longer wild and neither is the eastern. Making optimal harvests ever more vital. The fields, landscapes of food, waiting to be gathered. Only when the farmer decides. Only he will know. But, how does he know? Does he guess? Not anymore!

We shall be implementing monitoring stations that will that will harvest information (No pun intended!) about the local environment and collect it for data-analysis. This field-to-phone approach will make a real-world farm as easy as a mobile game. The data will be used to predict the best course of action for the farmer using an intuitive modern interface that makes it trivial for anyone to farm with the perfect yields.

In short, our project will bring acres of farmland directly within your own hand!

*Musical interlude.*

Eventually this project will reduce the burden on the agricultural industry. Working towards eradicating world hunger, by making sure no crops go to waste. Our mobile friendly UI will draw from classical design rules to show only the information needed, when it is needed. With a wealth of information just a click away, fitting the pieces of the farming puzzle into a single solution for the end-user.

Our sensors are designed with LoraWAN in mind, a technology that is designed for internet-of-things applications. Exposure to the light, humidity and wind, to know how your crops are being treated by the elements. Our nodes will be gathering data to present and predict the next course of action for the farmer.

We are Farm I/O and we are here to make your farm the cream of the crop.

Get in touch

If you still have questions about our product, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.